The ALL IN ONE Disinfection Solution

Developed by German Scientists, its formula is extremely hard on Germs, but extremely soft with humans, animals and the environment.

The only product you need to ensure a bio-safety environment for you and your costumers!


Because it is dermatology tested, it is completely safe to be used on your skin


Use it on spraying machines to disinfect entire areas


Germs free surfaces in seconds

VOLKERPLUS - A Unique Product

Fast and effective Disinfection Power, especially against multi-resistant germs (MRS)

Kills 99.99% of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Spores

Dermatologically Tested

0% Alcohol – pH neutral - 0% CHX harmless to humans & environment

Non-flammable, Non-Toxic and No Chemical residues after use

VAH listed

about us

When the main goal of your business is the well being of the people you serve, it gets easier to design and deliver amazing products.

At saniXTREME we think that high quality is not enough, yes we meet the highest quality standards, but if we want to really transcend and make a real impact in this world, we must focus on what really matters: people. Not only our valuable clients but also everyone involved in our value chain.

After 5 years of development, we are so proud to present to the market VOLKERPLUS, our revolutionary disinfectant that will help to keep homes, medical facilities and business safe of viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi. What is revolutionary about it is how effective it is against germs but at the same time so mild with humans, animals, and the environment.

This is not just our statement, it is a 5 times certificate truth.

Product Overview


The Only Disinfectant 5 Times Certificated


DIN EN 14476

Effective Against Viruses

DIN EN 1276

Effective Against Bacteria

DIN EN 1650

Effective Against Fungi

DIN EN 17126

Effective Against Bacteria
Dermatologically Tested

OECD 439:2015

Do not cause any skin irritation

ISO 1276:2009

Effective Multi-resistant germs

We are VAH Listed

Suitable to be used to disinfect Hospitals and Medical Facilities


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Our SUPER hero is also here. VOLKERPLUS especially for professional use in companies, restaurants, hotels, public institutions and much more!


The power disinfector - your daily companion and protector against viruses, bacteria, spores and plices. Ready to use and easy to use on any surface. For soft skin, highly effective disinfected!